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We Combine Design
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Our designer and creativity has proven to give our loyal customers,
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We are a garment manufacturer from Bali, Indonesia established since the 2000s.

We serve wholesale manufacturing

Why Work With Us

  • On time delivery
  • Best price
  • Best service
  • Fast response
  • Quality assured

Lead Time

1 – 2 months depending on the order quantity


Courier (DHL, Fedex), Air plane, and container to worldwide destinations

Our Service

Manufacturing women resort wear, batik material stamp, beach sarong, crochet and knitting using rayon, cotton, voile, and crinkle. Our service includes sampling, grading pattern, material batik/print production, sewing, packaging, and accessories such as labels and tags.

MOQ Custom Design

- Women resort wear is 500 pieces at 60 pieces per style per colour
- Batik stamp material is 500 meters at 100 meter per stamp per colour
- Beach sarong is 1000 pieces at 125 pieces per colour per screen for printing, monocolour, brush, tie dye, sinaran, dye plain sarong, 50 pieces per style per colour for hand painting
- Crochet is 500 pieces at 50 pieces per style per colour
- Knitting is 500 pieces at 50 pieces per style per colour.

Shopping Product

On this site we list our own products that we sell or manufacture in our company. Many other design are not in the list because they exclusive to certain customers. Customers are free to choose and use these designs to decide on their desired product. It is also possible to develop your own design or from any other available market.

One Stop Solution

We have been a one stop solution for manufacturing materials, buying materials, garment production and shipping exports to your door since the 2000s

Why manufacture from us

  • Our capacity is 50.000 meter per months
  • Sample and production available in cotton damaitex construction 72x54 and rayon construction 80x50
  • Quality-Assured Product
  • 20++ years of experience since the 2000s
  • Direct factory at the best price

Our Story

We started this business as husband and wife as our own employees because we were not able to appoint and pay other employees in 2000 with an order of 500 meters, which sometimes we sent, sometimes we had to wait a few months for the next order. With tenacity, patience, and fortitude we run this business with a happy heart. We currently have 50 employees, own offices and deliver to several locations around the world

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become one of the best batik stamp manufacturing facility for clothing and uniform for private labels from Bali, Indonesia.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring happiness to our customer, quality product, best price and on-time delivery is our way to work together and success together with customer.

Product Reference

amazing caves coverimage

Reasons to smile with our rainbow colours

Batik is our expert. Send us your idea if you would like to manufacture with us.

amazing caves coverimage

Relax with our solid colour white batik design

Night dress, beach dress, and all resort wear is good using our material. Few customer are working with us in this line.

amazing caves coverimage

Lets work with our fun batik design

Look unique and happy with our batik custom design. Manufacture with us. We guarantee the best price and quality!


We ship to 200 destination worldwide by Courier, Airplane or Container.
All made to order, no selling stock